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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Various reasons behind frustration

Frustration is so common in our institute that we have a shorter form for it: Frusst.
I have been observing people getting frusst for various reasons ranging from funny to pathetic. Here are a few of them:
  • When one sees a lesser individual(I will explain on this term later) with a good looking girl, he ponders upon the very fact that he must be lacking something, why else he can't get a girl.
  • When the dhobi asks for bonus because he has the fatherly duty of marrying off his third daughter, one wonders "Wow. here is a man who was enjoying full-fledged sex once many years back. And here I am paying for the fruits of that session, now".
  • When the discussion everywhere is "How is your B. Tech Project going on?", "What is your topic?", "When is your presentation?" and you have a blank look on your face everytime these questions pop up.
  • When one has to go and eat the junk in the mess because his parents have cut short the allowances and he realizes with a jolt the number of times he has seen the girls going out to eat in restaurants on their boyfriend's money. The fateful wonders," Why did the Almighty make me a male?"
  • When people all around oneself are getting pre-placement offers, some are preparing for other exams like CAT, GMAT, GRE, UPSC etc etc and he has neither the inclination nor the ability to indulge in such extensive study.
  • When end-semester exams are nearing and whenever one visits his friends' rooms one encounters open books and copies all over the table and the bed, and he realizes that he has got to finish the movie he has been watching and had paused in order to go and tell his friends about it in excitement.
  • When after keeping up determination of attending classes for nearly half of the semester and then the determination evaporates suddenly, so that one does not go to any of the classes thereafter and hears that the professor has been enquiring about him "Where has this guy gone?"
  • When after a sound sleep of 16 hours one wakes up to find that he has missed breakfast and lunch, and the afternoon class test is staring right into his face, he realizes that the only thing he wants to do now is sleep some more.
Here were a few situations when one gets really frustrated. And in my case these situations often overlap so badly that even suicidal tendencies don't remain too far-fetched.

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