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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My top ten scenes in The Wheel of Time

Needless to say that I am too bored now and hence this post. I am not really in the mood for explaining my reasons here for this list. I will get to it if I find time sometime later. So here goes:
  1. Egwene-al-vera fighting against the Seanchan marath-damane captors in The Gathering Storm
  2. Galad Damodred defeating Eamon Valda in the most awesome sword-fight scenes in sf & fantasy in the prologue in Knife of Dreams. I was awake for more than 24 hours by then and I was reading the book while lying down. But that scene made me sit up and sweat.
  3. Dumai's Wells battle scene between the abductor Tower Aes Sedai, younglings, the Shaido and Perrin Aybara's company and the Ashaman in Lord of Chaos.
  4. Rand-al-Thor's unbelievable display of channeling to almost wipe out the entire Trollocks and Dragkhar army in Maradon in Towers of Midnight. 
  5. Rodel Ituralde's awesome attack on the Seanchan army in Knife of Dreams Prologue. Matrim Caouthon maybe the best general the pattern ever created, but those guerilla tactics of Rodel Ituralde brought sheer joy to me. (maybe because they were against the Seanchan?).
  6. Nynaeve-al-Meara's healing of the gentled Logain Abler and stilled Siuan Sanche and Leane Sharif in Lord of Chaos. Nynaeve-al-Meara is my favourite character in WOT and she has so many awesome scenes, but I could only fit this scene in the top ten.
  7. Perrin's fight with Luc/Isam and Egwene's simultaneous attack on the Black Ajah and Mesanna in Telaranrhiod in Towers of Midnight. So finally Perrrin gets the chance to be awesome while not being thick. Especially where he just dispelled balefire. Also Gawyn Trakand has the chance to redeem himself in my eyes.
  8. The final battle between the heroes of the horn, the Children of Light and the Seanchan, with Rand-al-Thor battling Ba'alzamon in the skies of Falme and the simultaneous rescue of Egwene by Nynaeve and Elayne from the Seanchan in The Great Hunt.
  9. Now comes the skirmishes of Matrim Cauthon's Band of the Red Hand with the Seanchan while trying to escape Altara in Knife of Dreams
  10. Cleansing of Saidin in Winter's Heart. Well no point explaining this scene. I am sure everybody is a fan.
So many scenes missed out,and among them these stand out: The interactions between Mat and Tuon over Winter's Heart, A Crossroad of Twilight and Knife of Dreams, the awesome scene between the trio of  Egwene, Mat and Elayne in Lord of Chaos, and again in A Crossroad of Twilight, the scene between Birgitte Silverbow and Mat in A Crossroad of Twilight, Nynaeve-al-Meara's numerous hilarious antics, Rand's exasperation with Dais Daemer scene with Hurin and Loial in Cairhien in The Great Hunt, Mat's other antics (the Robert Jordan written ones. I think Brandon Sanderson failed in this one bit), Eqwene's standing up to the Tower Aes Sedai after capture in Knife of Dreams and The Gathering Storm, Siuan Sanche's interactions with Gareth Bryne, Mat's trapping of the Gholam in Towers of Midnight and lots of others I can't recall right now.

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