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Friday, January 15, 2010

The perfect romantic movie

To me (and I would like to declare that in BOLD TO ME) the perfect romantic movie is HUM TUM. you might be shocked to know that a movie buff like me rating a bollywood movie over any hollywood one when there are classic romantic films produced by hollywood like casablanca. I should make myself clear here. I tried to watch casablanca twice and felt asleep halfway through it, and finally never managed to watch the entire film. I could not even bring myself to read the plot from wikipedia. Now why I say Hum Tum is the perfect romantic movie. here are my reasons:
  • I am an Indian and its an Indian love story. So only a bollywood movie can actually capture that perspective
  • It never depicts boring and scientifically unproven stuff like Love only happens once. because it might actually happen many times-just depends on how much attractive you are and how soon you can stop pretending to ignore your partner's flaws. In the movie Rhea actually fell in love twice. Of course the first husband died a very timely and convenient death. But after all its an Indian audience. That is so much the film makers can do.
  • The guy was a complete playboy and openly had many a relationships and affairs. Even the girl was a bit too philosophical like all Indian girls are she never minded the aforementioned fact and fell in love with the guy despite those apparent flaws of his. Indian girls should learn that sex isn't the ultimate test of fidelity. Rather its the first building block for a relationship.
  • They had sex before they admitted their love for each other. This is a very logical step since if a couple doesn't have sex before getting involved in a marital relationship in an orthodox and strict Indian society it might spell doom for their life- what if they are not compatible in bed. In other societies they divorce and the fact is easily forgotten. But here one can't even do that. So better option is first try the sex and if its quite satisfying then only go ahead with proposal and stuff.
  • The girl was the widow and not the guy was the widower. This point is very important since most other romantic movies though often get the other points alright miss-out on this. Its always important to have the girl being more experienced in matters relating to relationships because guys  generally have a "everything's fine" attitude and they never learn. And that experience of the girl comes in handy in that case.
  • The comic element- A romantic story is very boring, and the timely situational comedy present in the movie takes one through the ride without letting him feel bored for even one moment.
  • The songs- All the songs are melodious and situational. According to me its Jatin-Lalit's best score yet.
  • And finally of course its a "they lived happily ever after" story. So it also pleases those people who get upset if its not.
If there are any other points I can't recall them now. If someone can add to this he/she is more than welcome.

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