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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Beware of my tongue

My tongue gets me in trouble often. Having never learned to be diplomatic (or what to say when and where), I will often say something totally inappropriate. And combined with my bald head and bespectacled serious face that is often construed as an insult or disrespect.

However my flaws can wait. Here goes the story:

While returning from office late one day I found a blonde lady with a huge luggage looking around in a confused way. I went to her and asked if she needed any help. She said in broken and highly accented English that she had called for a cab. But it still hadn't arrived and now she is unable to contact the driver on his cellphone. I offered to call on her behalf. She accepted with gratitude. Now I hardly know a few words of Tamil. When I called the driver, he went on and on in barely understandable Tamil. But I somehow gathered that he got confused with the address given by her and went someplace else which was 30 kms from there. So I informed her about the situation and with her permission called for a cab myself from a local cab service. I felt responsible to accompany her still the cab arrived. Therefore I asked her whether she would like to have a cup of coffee with me in the meantime. She showed me her ring and said, "Sorry Mr. I am married". Being the lip I am, I said, "Congratulations. So how's that going for you?" Fortunately her ignorance of fluent Indian accent English saved me because she did not get me. Anyways I understood where the conversation was taking a downturn to and shut up after a few words. And we waited in silence for the cab. The cab duly arrived and she thanked me and went in the cab. Next day I found out who she was and thanked her lack of fluency in English again. Thing is, I could have been unceremoniously fired from my job.

Yes, just for a sarcastic comment at an inappropriate place and at an inappropriate time.

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