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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What you get to know if you are observant enough

Here is a collection of excerpts I managed to overhear during my interactions with the "aam janta" (no offense, but we do belong to the elite class of the society). As Dabanggshu said, these are priceless things, can't be bought by master card!

  • This happened at a saloon at KGP.

Man1: Do you know who is the closest person to a man? 
Man2: Mother? 
Man1: Man! are you naive or what? Its his wife. in fact the next closest is the mot...her-in-law. That is why Mr. so and so went for a vacation with his wife and mother-in-law. Ask him if he ever took his mother for a vacation? 
Man2: did he now? (guffawing) 
Man1: So why do u keep that minuscule photo of ur mother over the speedometer of ur bike. 
Man2: (shamelessly)whenever my mind gets distracted with impure thoughts I look at that photo to get a hold of my wild imaginations!
  • This happened the next time I visited the same saloon
Man1: Did u hear that daughter of Mr. so and so committed suicide last week?

Awesome out of the world solution:
Man2: no. Wasn't she like only 14 or 15? But I am not surprised. That entire colony has gone down the drains. That is why I say get them girls married as soon as possible.
Each of the characters here are different in different incidents. I will keep updating this post as soon as I come across any such rare gems...So watch out for the updates. You are of course welcome to share any such gems you yourself have come across in the comments section.

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