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Monday, May 28, 2012

Cringe Inducing

Just when I though I would rest easy because the fucking IPL was over. Our honourable loon goes and does something like this:

Why? oh why? For fuck's sake it is just a domestic competition. Where were the felicitations when Bengal won the Ranji or Mohun bagan/ East Bengal won the IFA shield and the National Football League?

Felicitating the Bengal team for winning Ranji might still have meant something because it is Team Bengal. But KKR? Seriously? The team is owned by the probably the most cringe inducing actor of Bollywood who happens to hail from Delhi. There are hardly any players in the team to make it a team from Bengal. Only it happens to bear the name "Kolkata" which it tried to shed a few years back, if I remember it correctly.

Kolkata is not Bengal. Damn it!

Please stop this nuisance.

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