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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Inception: What an idea Sirjee

I have never been a fan of Christopher Nolan. No, I didn't like Memento. I didn't like The Dark Knight. I rate his Batman begins higher than The Dark Knight. And to me Memento is a very simply story only told backwards. Just try watching it in the order it actually happens, I am sure you will lose the charm that it held over you. In fact My favourite Nolan movie was The Prestige. Despite the profound flaws in the story and concepts I liked it better than Memento and the Batman Series.

However everything changed when I started to watch Inception. Mind it that after the hype around The Dark Knight the disappointment after watching it was simply too overwhelming for me. So I decided not to watch Inception until the DVD version of the movie was available in LAN. After The Dark Knight I had developed this pre-conceived notion that all this public hype around Inception is simply farce and I will be as disappointed as I was with The Dark Knight.

After watching the movie, not only my silly notions were dismissed but I was thoroughly shaken up with the concept- the vastness of it, the huge scope of the idea. Now I can state without any doubt that After The Matrix, Inception is the next movie to do that to me (Its very difficult to amaze someone who has read most of the popular and obscure fantasy and science fiction available with a concept) Now I believe that like Matrix was the epitome of achievement of the Wachowsky Brothers, similarly Inception is for Nolan. They are unlikely to be bettered by their creators.

Just like matrix the idea isn't foolproof. There are some obvious flaws or unexplained concept within the idea like why was Saito sharing the same dream as Cobb in the ultimate level of dreams or why doesn't the subconscious register the obvious imperfection in the totem and isn't able to incorporate that in a dream. In fact people have been saying a lot about the ambiguous ending of the movie. I didn't find any ambiguity. Even though the totem continued to spin, it was obviously the reality simply because in dreams you don't deal with characters of your subconscious- there were so many of them (Ariadne, Arthur, Saito, Eames, yusuf, Fischer, Miles, etc etc) and if they weren't the subconscious' projections they must have been real people sharing the dream. But then what was the point of so many people sharing the dream. Besides there wasn't any loop in that level. Hence it had to be the reality. And that Michael Caine has clarified that it was in fact the reality.

Despite the imperfections, unanswered questions and unexplained logic one has got to appreciate the vastness of the idea. To borrow the slogan of a popular cellular service agency of India, What an idea Sirjee

Yes I bow to the person who conceived the idea. The movie is a must watch. If you haven't watched it yet rush off to get hold of a DVD. You won't regret the long after hours contemplating the concept of the movie. Trust me on this.

P.S.: I couldn't help but notice one scene in the movie where the subconscious of Fischer becomes suspicious and Arthur asks Ariadne to kiss him to ease their suspicion. This is because Fischer, an American born and bred was so at ease with public display of affection. But I couldn't help but wonder what would have happened if the target was an Indian (or even someone from southern Asia or middle east). Such a public display of affection would surely have caused more harm because the damn culture simply doesn't allow it. I can't help but pity the Indian culture and the society.

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