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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tere Bin Laden:Refreshingly original and funtastic

One and half hours of outrageous laugh riot, a smart script and fine acting- Tere Bin Laden has all the ingredients of becoming a cult favourite. Essentially a spoof on Osama Bin Laden and America's war on terror, it goes on to delve deep into the real issues if one thinks seriously- not that the engaging storyline let's you a take a break from the fun-ride that it is. All the central chracters' performances has to be greatly appreciated and applauded especially since none of them are established actors. Ali Zafar the talented singer from Pakistan get a chance to showcase his talents in acting as well and he grabs the opportunity superbly.

The funny side of the awesome movie apart it also questions certain issues in a very subtle but sarcastic way like how billions of dollars of American taxpayers' money is going down the drain chasing ghosts, how the Indian and Pakistani officials bow before their American peers, how paranoid the world has become of even simple things, and most of all how embarrassingly enchanted the people of India and Pakistan are with the American culture and their country.

Finally a word or two on Bollywood. It regularly churns out utter crap. No need to mention the name of any movie here. Just pick any of the big-name starring ones and one can easily fathom the depths to which Indian film industry has plummeted to. (All people who regularly read thevigilidiot can refer to what I am trying to say here) But every now and then a gem comes out and Tere Bin Laden is the Kohinoor of them. If you are still wondering if you ought to see it surely you are the "ullu da pattha"

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