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Thursday, April 19, 2012

A list of things irking me

What can I say. I love making lists. (avoiding deadly PJ about serial killers here)
So here is the latest list of things around the world irking me apart from Religion and fantatics of course, which is going to outlive us all, even if it manages to kill all life on the planet.
  • IPL: Seriously, how can people watch it or endure it. Is there any point in being Ravindra jadeja and pasting a bowler like some XYZ Singh to all parts of the ground whose dimensions if reduced by 10 yards or so will become the fielding restriction circle itself. It is becoming any eyesore whenever I visit cricinfo or Times of India. Its like that most annoying song of Salman Khan/Emraan Hashmi you keep hearing at every corner of the street during festivities. And you simply can't shake it off, even though that is probably competing with some of Bappi da's worst music in the world
  • If IPL can still be forgiven, what is with this sympathy towards Pakistan cricket. Yes I can understand that coming from the bulk of the other cricketing nations whose knowledge about Pakistani people is limited to the great Wasim Akram and Zaheer Abbas. But it is deplorable and highly shameful coming from Indians. Don't forget the nations is a backstabbing viper, whose citizen Kasab is still stuck to our flesh as a thorn. If the government has done something right is to stop all cricketing relations with the nations. Long story short, India and Indians should just ignore Pakistan. Don't forget the numerous terrorist attacks, the three wars where Indian citizens died defending nothing but snow and sand. In fact whatever land was won, was returned by the short-sighted politicians like Indira Gandhi, who thought she could buy sympathy [Result was simply a praise or two and then it was all forgotten]. Forgive but do not forget. Learn from history.We may not have our 9/11. But the total number of people who dies from various terrorist attacks since the 90's are way more than that in 9/11. I admit that majority of Pakistanis have nothing to do with these attacks and that they are the worst sufferers of terrorism in the present world. They do not deserve that. But a nation has to be selfish towards its own sons and daughters. We have enough problems in our nation to cope with. We don't need sympathy towards a people who have constantly let people like Zia-ul-Haq lead them into such a radicalized state. As the cartoon said, they deserve these leaders and terrorism as much as we deserve our leaders and corruption. So no cricket and no nothing else. That's it. And for fuck's sake stop saying that IPL misses Pakistani players. I do not care a dime about IPL. But Pakistanis deserve no share of the hard-earned money of the common men in India.
  • Mamata Banerjee................Need I say more? She might be the most honest politician in India, but the only reason for her existence seems to have been eradication of the plague called CPM. The problem with such an existence is that as soon as you achieve your goal, your life is left with no meaning. Just like Israel has no reason to exist now and nor do Pakistan. I am so exasperated by her and her antics. TMC goons nowadays are as good as CPM goons were in those days. The problem is that in this digital world they keep getting caught red handed even though hardly any punishment is meted out to them, as is usual with any party in power.
  • Congress, the Gandhis and their lackeys like Diggi Raja..........These people lower the IQ of the entire nation. After the debacle in Delhi civic polls Kapil Sibal said it wasn't because people thought congress was responsible for the numerous scams that have surfaced of late. He said civic polls were about local issues and not the national issues. I fervently hope that this is not the case and people are intelligent enough to vote against congress for the very reasons Sibal denies. The very fact that Sibal denies them to be reasons is another way of saying "People are just lain stupid. Whatever issue you can present to them they will just gobble it up. Their memory is poor. And long live Congress and its ways". That is just plain insult to the citizens of India. This is just one statement from a Congress member. I am not even going into whatever bullshit that spews out of Rahul Gandhi (like that famous comment regarding his being a brahmin or Hindu terrorism being a greater threat than Islamic terrorism) or the other people of Congress. I will give Congress thumbs up in one issue though, that is trying to bring FDI in India. Though that is immediately offset by their poor commitment to their ambition regarding FDI.
  • Roadies, Big Boss and the thousand other reality shows out there. But especially Roadies. They just assume the audience is not only dumb but as dumb as fuck. And to my dismay the audience continuously proves them right. I have never watched a single episode of any of the reality shows. I am just irked by the fact that people around me watch them. And for those who still can't get me regarding this issue please watch the spoof Rowdies on youtube. That I have watched and immensely appreciated. Big Boss is as bad as Roadies. There are many reasons for that. I am going to state just one here. Its none other than Salman Khan who despite being a murderer of human beings and endangered animals never actually had to pay for his crimes. And people worship this guy! 
  • People talking about how Tendulkar should retire. To them I say just name a suitable replacement. And no, Virat Kohli doesn't count. because he is already an established player in the ODI team and he can at most fill one part of the huge vacancy left by Dravid and Ganguly in the test team. You say Rohit Sharma? LOL......the guy doesn't even value his wicket. Ajinkya Rahane?..............too immature. First let him play in place of the totally amoeba like form of Sehwag. Pujara?..........same reason as Rahane. Manoj Tiwary?.......Doesn't matter how much Gavaskar praises him. He is simply not up to the standards of even someone like Gautam gambhir. 
  • This endless fascination of some people with European football leagues. Don't get me wrong but I love football. That is I love quality football. Like the ones Brazil or Germany play at the world cups, and somewhat about the Euro Cup. And there are few people out there with more knowledge about international football statistics than me. But I can't seem to give a shit about Manchester United or Barcelona. Screw Messi. He might have all the talent in the world but he plays shit if his Barca teammates are taken away from him. The last time I actually liked European Football leagues was when Real Madrid was at its pomp with Luis Figo and the genius Zinedine Zidane creating magic in the field. To me supporting chelsea is like if I say I support the Los Angeles Lakers and keep on talking endlessly about how good Kobe Bryant is. I can debate with you gladly and endlessly about whether Puskas was better or Platini. If Lev yashin was as good as everybody say he was. But here I put a stop. No club level sports please. So stop talking about these pointless leagues in front of me. 
  • Most Hindi comments here. just go and visit The Vigit Idiot a wonderful blog by Sahil Rizwan. you can find why I hate them.

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