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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sexuality at KGP

I am not going to make another controversial statement here. However I would like to point out an awesome piece of work done by the campus magazine Scholar's Avenue at:
I personally participated in the survey and so I can attest to the fact the questions were very well posed and relevant. However if I assume that most of the people did give truthful answers and the guys did not pose as girls just to have fun answering their section, I feel really disturbed by a few facts:
  1. That half of the girls have been misbehaved with one time or other in the campus. I hope that was not due to their sex.
  2. That very few IITians are actually tolerant of homosexuals. yes 60-70% might seem a large number compared to the nation average. But considering the intellect available here I would have expected it to be at least 95%.
  3. That some of the guys have been asked out more than 3 times by girls during their stay at KGP. I find it hard to believe if its not downright false bragging. 
  4. That almost half the people have no problem in the net being censured. My pro-pornography stand not withstanding, I say to them "Dude! Freedom of speech". It doesn't matter what I do in private. Nobody can ask an adult to not do something which is not hurting others. Every time some dictator curbs basic human rights, he starts with small things like curbing Freedom of Speech. So down with censuring.
  5. That some 10% of the girls think campus security with respect to women is inadequate. I would dearly love to hear what else they want it to be.
  6. That some 6% females would not vote for a female candidate standing for the position of VP. I leave those chauvinist males who would not vote for the same, but its astonishing that some of the females have similar attitude.
  7. That some people look for their religion and caste while choosing a suitable date! Astonishing! Especially since those who are from the General Caste background constantly complain how the SCs and STs and OBCs no longer need reservations, and those who are from SC/ST/OBC would have ideally like to shake off the stigma associated with coming to IIT as reservation candidates.
  8. Some 9% people think that they would pay for sex as long as its out of the country. Imperial Hangover? Seriously?
  9. Some 58% of the males said that physical intimacy was not very important. I would not even know where to begin with this point. So I am going to leave it alone for now lest people think I am some kind of deviant.
  10. And finally what was that with some people being okay with open relationship only in college? Such hypocrites! Either you are okay with it or you are not! But this way it looks like you are okay with it until you move on to a more stable life. 
My rants not withstanding I am still proud of being part of such a community. Wish the rest of the world were more like us!

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