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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Probably the most important piece I will ever post

When I explained my philosophy to people,
  • My close friends took it as my strange sense of humour and laughed
  • My not so close friends took it as satire and laughed
  • My "non-friend" acquaintances pitied me and laughed
  • My parents became over-concerned and tried to convince me their ways
  • My teachers thought I was crazy and tried to counsel me
Nevertheless I lived my philosophy. I succeeded in
  • failing for the first time
  • failing repeatedly
  • procrastinating the so called "most important work" to the point everybody became exasperated with me (Actually I never finished it till date)
  • I enjoyed obscenely. I still do.
  • I screwed up
  • I was hated
  • People envied me
  • People said I am just another attention seeker

Now I see that people are mailing each other this piece of speech:

People say that it resonates with them. Still they forget it after forwarding the mail to someone else.
I am not as articulate as the litigator here. May be I failed to explain to the people. It doesn't matter. All that matters is that I have definitely crossed the barrier of "AVERAGE". And this is one thing I am never going to be apologetic or humble about.

I have not loved yet. That is the only thing in their left to be achieved by me. JEE ended my life. I have lived after death. YES I HAVE!

No amount of money will I trade that with...........

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