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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Me, DOSA and the Counselor

I just remembered this conversation from long time ago. I didn't find it funny that time. But now I suddenly remembered and began giggling.

DOSA: (Looking at Report) Hmm, So 5 exam bunks, 2 presentation bunks, 9 classes attended in whole semester. Would you care to explain yourself?

ME: Blah blah blah blah

DOSA: go to the counselor. If you  don't then I will be forced to inform your parents.

I went to the counselor.

COUNSELOR: (After reading the report, concerned look) Why Sudipto why?

ME: Its difficult to pin point the exact reason. Let's just say I am lazy

COUNSELOR: Everybody is lazy. Even I am lazy. I am always procrastinating. I always arrive late.

ME: (Seriously) If there are choices offered for questions in a paper, I choose the one I know least about, so that I can't write much. I am that lazy. I have left the Examination Hall more than once, a couple of hours early even though I knew a lot of the answers, just because I felt like watching Star Wars again at that very moment. Another time when I wasn't allowed to leave the Hall because it was too early I decided to take a nap and the Invigilator had to wake me up by poking when he came to collect my paper at the end of the exam some two hours later.

COUNSELOR: (facepalm)

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