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Monday, October 25, 2010

About My Personal RAJNIKANTH

In the leading up to the selection of the All Time XI by the Cricinfo Jurors and Readers, all the eminent personalities of cricket (prolific former players and the know-it-all cricket journalists) have been coming up with different types of World XI so that OUR GOD SACHIN TENDULKAR is excluded from them. Agreed that there are highly specific constraints to these teams but how do you exclude GOD from the universe? Its like giving a long speech on Life, Universe and Everything without once uttering 42. So here is my logic how SACHIN belongs to each of those World XI:

His logic is since Sachin Tendulkar has already been selected into the small group of players from whom Cricinfo is going to select the World XI, and he is just making up a World XI from among those excluded, He can't select Sachin Tendulkar. My logic is “Who the hell are you, mere mortal, to include or exclude Sachin Tendulkar. He can't be included or excluded. He just is. All you are required to do is choose the other ten players”
Hey Loser, If you are not thrilled every minute by Tendulkar bowling, fielding, strolling, swimming, cooking, sleeping or even urinating (leave alone batting) then you are leading a pathetic life and you don't deserve to exist. Crawl away to some corner and die. The world would be relieved without you.
When Sachin plays that backfoot punch through cover, have you heard of anything from anyone's mouth other than “wow”. Yes the mouth hangs open, with the tongue lolling and you wonder if that was more poetic than Shelley or Frost. So how come someone leaves out the LORD of Poets when they say the world was designed by the GOD churning out poetry (composing music) from every pore of his being.
Ok. Ok. Conceded the guy has selected GOD (how can he not), but what the hell does he mean by refer to Bradman above? You can't refer to the innovation skill of GOD by saying "refer to Alva Edison above". Just like you can't include Rajnikanth in the top 10 list of Indian Actors and say "refer to Amitabh Bachchan above". Come on man, the guy IS RAJNIKANTH OF CRICKET.
Yes, I understand this guy's logic behind keeping out Tendulkar though. He is only considering those who finished first. But Sachin tendulkar never began nor did he finish. He and his innings just is, from the Big Bang till bad light at the end of the Universe.
His criterion being the player has to be left handed, Sachin Tendulkar naturally walks into the team. But sadly this guy is either misinformed or doesn't know that Sachin Tendulkar writes left handed as well as wipes his ass after taking a dump with his left hand. All these people should do proper research before selecting any such team. 

My Personal All-Time XI
Sachin Tendulkar,Sachin Tendulkar,Sachin Tendulkar,Sachin Tendulkar,Sachin Tendulkar,Sachin Tendulkar,Adam Gilchrist(Wk),Sachin Tendulkar,Sachin Tendulkar,Sachin Tendulkar,Sachin Tendulkar.Any one dare challenge me? Hmpf!

Coutesy: Cricinfo, Faking News

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