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Monday, October 11, 2010

A sample piece of gtalk chat between God and Dadu

A sample piece of conversation between God and Dadu:

sexydadu: Hi! dude! thr?

Calling cooldudegod at 4:20 AM on Sunday

Call with cooldudegod not answered at 4:20 AM on Sunday

cooldudegod: Bol be. wassup?

sexydadu: Dude y did u block me for a billion years? I had 2 chck wid Pidgin 2 find out that u had blocked me out.

cooldudegod: abe chutiya hu asked u to sleep with Rambha? I had dibs on her. u knew that very well

sexydadu: sry dude! I realized it was her very late. Remember that wild night. jyada pi liya tha yar.I came back to ur room for our usual night experiments about gay sex and thought it was u. After we had sex I fell asleep. When u woke me up with ur thunder sex-toy then only I realized what I had done. Dude u didn't even give me a chance to explain! u kicked me off to this damned place-earth.

Promise I will make it up with u tonight! what do u say? The humans have developed a very sexy outfit under the brand name "Victoria's secret". What do u say I wear that tonight?

kuch to bol be!

cooldudegod: alright! alright! but wear a condom dude. the humans have developed some really nasty STDs. u have lived with dem for years. I don't wanna catch one now in the twilight of my career.

sexydadu: don't worry! waise baki sab kaisa chal raha hai?

sent at 4:40 AM on Sunday

sexydadu: dude! whr r u?

sent at 4:45 AM on Sunday

cooldudegod: abe kya yar subah subah hagne bhi nahi dega kya? hagne gaya tha. aur bata.

sexydadu: yahan sab thik hai waise. bas ye Hindu aur Muslim log jyada uchal rahe hai Ayodhya leke.

cooldudegod: what fun dude! bas dekhte raho! unko pata bhi nahi hai that land was the birthplace of the concept of brothel! I opened the first  brothel there and asked that poor guy Ram to run the business. Lekin woh sala straight sex chor ke har tarah ka experiment karne laga. Gay, dominatrix, blowjobs, bukkake, bestiality aur kya kya sab. sala dimag garam ho gaya mera. I spun the wheel of time very fast and changed the yug from Treta to Dwapar.

All that remained of the building was in ruins. then came that man who called himself Sultan. kya naam tha uska. yaad nahi aa raha hai. bol na woh gandu kaun hai??

are who's the one who thought of building a mosque there?

sexydadu: kaun? Babar?

cooldudegod: haan! woh socha it was the remains of a Temple! :D

sexydadu: LOLMAX.  but its unfair dude! That was a nice place. The mosque architecture was awesome and they destroyed it.

cooldudegod: don't talk about shit! I know why u prefer that place! remember I am Omniscient. mujhe pata hai tu chori chupe Noor Jahan se karta tha us masjid ke andhera kinaro me.

sexydadu: sorry! sorry! :P

leave it yar. bakwas bhaat maarna choro. aaj raat ka plans karte hai.

cooldudegod: gotta go. Jesus calling me. Apparently the christians have finally worked out he could not have been
virgin born. gotta give them a new problem to think on. ne idea?

sexydadu: make the Americans bomb Pakistan. Let the Christians fight against Muslims. that should strengthen their belief on Jesus.

cooldudegod: how?

sexydadu: dude have u been taking classes at IIT?  IQ gir gaya be tera. just make zardari have sex with michelle. and make zardari tape it all and send the mms to Barack. The rest would take care of things themselves.

cooldudegod: kya idea sirjee! chal c ya tonight then.

bbye. tk care. don't forget the condom

sexydadu: don't worry! bbye.

cooldudegod is offline.

Disclaimer: if i have hurt anyone's sentiments please forgive me. it was not my intention. Anyways i am already going to hell. so this should fasten up the process.

All are welcome to comment. no comment will be moderated. so u r welcome to abuse me as much as u want.

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